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As we all like to take our pets out there and let them fly free as they should a parrot harness is a must have item in your pet loving home. As much as we love our birds, they do tend to fly far away before they are properly trained and a good harness for that training is a necessity.

harness that don't break

free flight harness parrot strong


There’s been lot’s of cases where some of the harnesses rip open and your bird breaks free.

So we looked around and we like what we found. A harness made by fellas in Chech Republic, Europe. They did proper testing on this one and they say it can withstand 90N force for up to 10 seconds without damaging or changing any seams on the harness.

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“By pulling the harness with force of 90 N, all sewn seams stayed in the same condition, undamaged”, acording to the man testing guy  Jiri Samsone

That is more than an bigger sized bird can produce, which means your bird will stay put. If you ask us, we believe it is a basic need for the harnesses to be tested before releasing it to market.

You can order your here.

We hope your parrot training for free flight will go without a hitch.

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