A member of the Neotropical parrots the scarlet macaw is a big bird with red, blue and yellow plumage. Their natural habitat is the evergreen forests of South America. It is also the national bird of the Honduras. These magnificent birds are beautiful to look at and make wonderful pets and if you are a proud owner of a scarlet macaw there are a few things which you should know about your pet. Classification and Scientific Name The scarlet macaw belongs to the genus Ara…Continue Reading “Scarlet Macaw – All You Need to Know as a Pet Owner”

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As we all like to take our pets out there and let them fly free as they should a parrot harness is a must have item in your pet loving home. As much as we love our birds, they do tend to fly far away before they are properly trained and a good harness for that training is a necessity.   There’s been lot’s of cases where some of the harnesses rip open and your bird breaks free. So we looked around and we like…Continue Reading “A parrot harness that won’t break!”

While running around the virtual world we came across these truly beautiful video of Scarlet Macaws. We thought that it would be a good idea to share this with you guys. We have written a in-depth article about Scarlet Macaw if you would like to know more about them you can head over to SPIECIES and down to Scarlet Macaw If you wish to read more of our recent articles please fallow these links. 50 Facts about Macaw Parrots 15 Things you need to have as…Continue Reading “A beautiful Scarlet Macaw video.”

It has taken many years to breed the first Lear’s Macaws in captivity. After 29 years of trying the first offspring of the hard work has been hatched. A year ago in  São Paulo ZOO they successfully raised the very first chick. This year has been even better, they have managed to raise four more babies. Quick Facts about Lear’s Macaw. At the moment there are 12 Lear’s Macaws at the  São Paulo Zoo. They have been breeding Lear’s Macaws for 30 years now. This Zoo…Continue Reading “Lear’s Macaw – four new hatchings!”

Now this comes as a surprise to most who have fallowed Spix’s history. The parrot that has been presumed extincted in the wild has been spotted once again in the wild. It’s been 15 years since anyone have reported a siting of this explicitly rare parrot the little blue from the Macaw family. Read our in-depth article about Spix’s Macaw Some say it might of been just some poacher who wanted to avoid arrest and had released the bird free. It might be so. But…Continue Reading “Spix Macaw spotted in the wild.”

Yes, you read it right. This guy in Australia decided that it is a good idea to mix up a few creature while taking a bath. Including Blue and Gold Macaw a 3.5m python and last but not least a saltwater crocodile.  A guy called Chris Humfrey have at his home all three as Pets. According to the theaustralian.com.au it isn’t in his habit to take bath with all three of his pets. Nevertheless this picture is stunning. STORY: ROSS BILTON | PHOTOGRAPH: JAY TOWN Read all…Continue Reading “Jungle in your bath tub?!”

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This beauty of a parrot is in need of a new home. He’s been sitting and waiting for a long time to find a new human. You can find more information about this Catalina macaw at Humane Society of Charlotte He’s 20 years old likes to hang around with males and speaks in wonderful deep voice. Photo credit And we are convinced that this wonderful hoodie would go just perfectly with Jake! Each Hoodie comes with either an applique or a lanyard tie with colorful beads which…Continue Reading “Meet Jake – Catalina macaw”

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People at Defenders of the Wildlife has been doing great work in Mexico protecting Military Macaws from poachers reach.   They report that for last 3 years they have been fully successful in protecting 22 nests that they are also monitoring. They say, that as many as 14 of those nest have had new comers to the local flock. The work they have been doing down there has rewarded them with the trust  of the local community. In recent years, they have helped prevent several poacher attempts….Continue Reading “Military Macaw Protected from Illegal hunting”

Scarlet Macaw Beautiful colorful parrot was discharged on 24 of May 2016 the Scarlet Macaws upgrading the excellence of a Mayan ruin at Copán Archeological site in Honduras. The macaws have been reintroduced in an undertaking bolstered by the World Parrot Trust and drove by Macaw Mountain Bird Park, the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History, and the Copán Association, and today, the Scarlet Macaw flies again in the Copán valley. Photo credit: http://bit.ly/25elZnr Read more about Macaws. Spix Macaw Scarlet Macaw Blue Macaw