Lear’s Macaw – four new hatchings!

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It has taken many years to breed the first Lear’s Macaws in captivity. After 29 years of trying the first offspring of the hard work has been hatched. A year ago in  São Paulo ZOO they successfully raised the very first chick. This year has been even better, they have managed to raise four more babies.

Quick Facts about Lear’s Macaw.

The couple who led the offspring of Lears macaw in Sao Paulo Zoo (Foto: TV Globo/Reprodução)

At the moment there are 12 Lear’s Macaws at the  São Paulo Zoo. They have been breeding Lear’s Macaws for 30 years now. This Zoo is also a part of conservation and breeding project.

Benjamin and Flora these little ones were born in April (Foto: Paulo Gil/ZooSP/Divulgação)

These macaws are as really rear parrots. Their numbers are really low, in the wild their populations is at under 1400 individuals. There are still some smuggling happening every now and then. Over the span of our blue planet there are several countries that are doing much needed conservation work between them there are 133 birds in total in captivity. Those countries are Czech Republic, Germany, Qatar, Brazil and Spain.





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