Military Macaw Protected from Illegal hunting

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parrot lifespan wing size weight military parrot

Fullscreen capture 6242016 41353 PM.bmpPeople at Defenders of the Wildlife has been doing great work in Mexico protecting Military Macaws from poachers reach.


They report that for last 3 years they have been fully successful in protecting 22 nests that they are also monitoring. They say, that as many as 14 of those nest have had new comers to the local flock. The work they have been doing down there has rewarded them with the trust  of the local community. In recent years, they have helped prevent several poacher attempts.

parrot lifespan wing size weight military parrot

It’s great to hear progress being made. The military macaw parrots used to roam freely throughout the Mexico skies. Unfortunately that is not like that anymore.  These days they have become one of the engendered species.

Now they are working on finding new places for new nests. You can help by also becoming a Defender. This is a great way to help out the wild parrots. To give back to the nature and it diversity.


Read the article they have written about the nesting project – here.



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