While browsing around Pintrest we found these gorgeous photos, we couldn't resist but to share them with you! We thought on paying a little tribute to this beautifully colored macaw. Here it is the 10 stunning pictures of Blue and Gold macaw or as they call them - Ara ararauna.

Hi there, just a lovely Blue and Gold Macaw greeting as friendly as can be. How is your day going? A little profile, would you mind? What an absolute beauty! #parrot #picture

How's it hanging? There is always a time in a day to have some fun! This little fella shows us how it's done!

#DailyExersise #Fun #Parrotlove #animal

It is always more fun to spend a day together with your friends. Don't miss it out, friendships are important, even a parrot knows it. #friendshipgoals #love #pet #parrot

You know how you wake up in one of those cold mornings and don't quite understand why you got up at all? Yes this is one of those mornings for this lovely fella. 

Ahh what freedom it is to get out there and stretch your wings. Life is so much better outdoors when you can do free flying. What an incredible pleasure it is.

This is one of our all-time favorite, the flying macaw! How beautiful and elegant it flies.

Love is when you get to fly free from shackles out of the cage, to roam free. Spend a day flying to get back home with your beloved owner.

What an stunning picture, representing the colors of the Macaw Parrots.

What about this close up profile of Ara Aruna Macaw!

Last but not least, this lovely picture of flapping wings

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