If you are a parrot owner then you ought to know a few tips if you wish to have a trained parrot that can talk or perform some tricks. Training your parrot should be entertaining which both you and your bird should enjoy. This will help your bird to pick up the tricks easily.

Before you start reading this make sure you have all you need for your pet!

Here’s an article – 15 things you must have as a pet bird owner.

Macaw Parrot

1keep it short

Keep your training sessions short, do not keep your session for more than 10 minutes. You can have the session twice or maybe three times in a day.

2you’ll need props

You will require props for your training. Keep the intended props to be used near the cage of the parrot so that they get used to it. They might even take liking to some, you may use them in your training session.

3no distractions

Look for a place which is free of any distractions. Ensure the cage is kept out of sight so you have the full attention of your parrot. Some birds could be insecure who have been re-homed and would want to get back to its cage.

4reward the pet parrot

They love rewards and can easily be trained if you reward them either with small foods which could be finished easily or a pat or scratch or stroke on beak, anything that your parrot loves.

5routine is the key

Keep training your bird at the same time of the day, so your parrot looks forward to the routine.

6keep calm and proceed

Don’t get angry if your bird doesn’t perform properly. Praise it even if it is not perfect as it will boost your parrot’s confidence.

7keep it simple

Don’t use too complicated commands, basic behavioral commands will be picked up by the parrot easily.

8say no

Parrots could get aggressive and bite during the training sessions. Pushing away the bird or showing anger will not help. You can just say no by placing your palm in front of the parrot’s face or use a gesticulation to stop.

9no screaming – good bird

If your pet  parrot is screaming never go near it else it will get used to it and start screaming whenever it wants your attention

10they do what you do

Birds who are being taught to teach will repeat everything you say. Ensure that you do not use any foul language around your bird if you are teaching it to talk, else it will pick up immediately.

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