Scarlet Macaws are bound to draw your attention with their colourful plume and screechy voice. You know they are beautiful and pretty but here are a list of ten things you probably were unaware about scarlet macaws.

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Big and Beautiful
They are one of the biggest parrots in the world with a wing span of 1 meter. I hear you, you might of know this one.

2 Scarlet Macaws are Very Loyal and Romantic
These parrots are monogamous which means they take just one mate for life. You can easily distinguish from their body language and come to know when they start to form couples. They separate themselves from all the other birds, show dilated pupils, they start preening and feed each other.

3They Are Highly Intelligent and Sociable
Scarlet Macaws are friendly and tend to share a strong bond with its owner or caretaker. They learn tricks easily when taught but also expect a reward in return. They can be taught to mimic sounds and words and many talk quite well.

4They Need a Lot of Care
They need a lot of care and can even get aggressive if they do not get proper attention. You also need to pay attention on their daily behaviour and make sure they don’t vomit or are sad.

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5Know Their Age
The eyes speak about the age of the Scarlet Macaws. You can easily distinguish if they are old or young. The ones with black eyes are young and the ones with yellow eyes are old.

6 Keep Them Entertained
They also need to spend a lot of time out of the cage and you need to keep them entertained with small wooden toys or branches else they will rip out their own feathers.

Their diet should be fruits, smashed vegetables, nuts, corn, kibbles etc.

8Long Lifesize weight wing span lifespan how long live

They normally have a long life and if they are looked after properly in captivity, they can reach an age of 70.

9Not Always Obedient
They have the emotional brain of a 2 year old and may not always listen to you.

Hunting, Poaching, deforestation and banana cultivation has decreased the number of Scarlet Macaws.

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