Anodorhynchus is a big blue macaw parrot from open and semi-open natural surroundings in focal and eastern South America. It incorporates two jeopardized species, the hyacinth macaw and Lear’s macaw otherwise called the indigo macaw, and one likely terminated parrot type, the glaucous macaw. At around 100 centimeters (39 in) long the hyacinth macaw is the longest and largest parrot on the planet. Glaucous and Lear’s macaws are solely precipice nesters; hyacinth macaws are generally tree nesters. The three species for the most part eat the nuts from a couple of types of palms

Here’s quick facts about three different species of the anodorhynchus parrots.

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KING’S CAGES – Macaw Parrot Here’s more Macaw Facts

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