Feathers as bright as the mesmerizing rainbow, a beak as strong as the unyielding hammer and agile toes that can grasp perfectly make the macaws one of the most beautiful birds on earth. Most of the species of macaw are noisy and boisterous and you can feel their presence in dense forests because of their loud screeching and squawking voices. Their structure allows them to easily glide through the trees in the forests and land perfectly. Macaws are naturally found in rain forests where a sight of these majestic birds can become one of your most treasured experiences.

Where do they live?

Macaws are found anywhere from Mexico south to South America. Most of the macaws are now endangered and are considered extinct in their natural habitat. These species survive in captivity only. Spix’s macaw is a species which has gone extinct in the wild and sightings of the Glaucous macaw have been very rare in the wild. The rate of deforestation has been a rising concern for this species of parrot. Illegal trading of these birds is another reason for the huge decline in their numbers.

Macaws love to have toys around!

Hyacinth macaws  also know as the Blue Macaw

The Hyacinth macaws are mainly found on the riverside of rain forests and palm swamps. It is known to survive in seasonally moist forests that have a broken canopy. Mature palm forests and grassy marshes are also known to be inhabited by these birds. The Pantanal region of Brazil is one of the best places for sightings of this bird. It prefers open areas and wooded habitats. If it lives in a region which has a dense forest, the Hyacinth macaws keep to the edge of the forests where there is more open area.

The blue and gold macaws

pet bird parrot macawThe blue and gold macaws have the largest natural range. They prefer living in wooded areas which are close to water bodies. It is found in Eastern Panama, Bolivia, Paraguay Most of the Northern regions in South America and the Eastern regions of Brazil. The Aguaje Palm Trees are a highly favored nesting place for these macaws. The usually live on forest edges and can fly for long distances into the savannas for food every day. Blue and gold macaws often spend the dry season in the forests.

The red-shouldered macaws

The red-shouldered macaws are a fairly smaller species and macaw facts show that they are usually 12 to 14 inches in length. They exist in the native lowlands, savannahs and swamplands Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru.

The scarlet macaws or the red macaw.

The scarlet macaws are native to humid evergreens. The history of macaw of this species shows that they have suffered huge losses of their habitats because of deforestation. You can found these birds in regions of Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Trinidad. They nest in tall deciduous forests and prefer living near rivers. They usually live in big flocks and love to feast on nuts, berries and leaves.

Macaw – bird of immense splendor, have been slipping into extinction as their natural habitat ends. Most of them have accepted captivity as their safe haven. Biologists and governments work ceaselessly to protect this magnificent bird.

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