Spix Macaw spotted in the wild.

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Pet parrot, Little blue macaw, bird animalNow this comes as a surprise to most who have fallowed Spix’s history. The parrot that has been presumed extincted in the wild has been spotted once again in the wild. It’s been 15 years since anyone have reported a siting of this explicitly rare parrot the little blue from the Macaw family.

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Some say it might of been just some poacher who wanted to avoid arrest and had released the bird free.

It might be so. But this dose raise some hope or at least make our imagination go on and see a world where these beautiful creatures are once again among us, flying free.


Here’s a great book “An environmental parable for our times – the story of a beautiful blue bird meeting its nemesis at the end of the 20th century.”






Here’s a video that a teenager filmed of the bird.



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