free flight parrot harness

As we all like to take our pets out there and let them fly free as they should a parrot harness is a must have item in your pet loving home. As much as we love our birds, they do tend to fly far away before they are properly trained and a good harness for that training is a necessity.   There’s been lot’s of cases where some of the harnesses rip open and your bird breaks free. So we looked around and we like…Continue Reading “A parrot harness that won’t break!”

It has taken many years to breed the first Lear’s Macaws in captivity. After 29 years of trying the first offspring of the hard work has been hatched. A year ago in  São Paulo ZOO they successfully raised the very first chick. This year has been even better, they have managed to raise four more babies. Quick Facts about Lear’s Macaw. At the moment there are 12 Lear’s Macaws at the  São Paulo Zoo. They have been breeding Lear’s Macaws for 30 years now. This Zoo…Continue Reading “Lear’s Macaw – four new hatchings!”